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How do I view replies?

Someone replied to one of my posts (not a reblog and not an answer? I dunno how they did it) but I don’t think it’s showing the full message. When I click on the note it just opens the pane on the side showing my post in plain format.

While I’m at it, is there anything else about Tumblr I’m clearly not understanding here? x3 Like is my page theme literally the worst or something?



im sooooooo glad that a sexuality has to be fucking trending for you to acknowledge its existence 


I know I don’t have the full context here, but given the information above, I don’t think they’re making a bad choice. (- in not printing pansexual t-shirts, I mean. Not in responding that way.) The thing is, if you’re selling T-shirts, usually you need to have a decent amount of demand before you can put a print order in. The more demand, the more cost is absorbed by being able to mass-manufacture the product. If not a lot of people are asking for pansexual t-shirts, the cost of designing, producing, listing, selling and shipping the product could end up costing a lot more than the company makes back in revenue.

Of course, they look like a giant bag of dicks for not just simply explaining that and instead appealing to internet popularity of a term as their method of figuring out what will sell. That’s just plain stupid, and most likely a giant lie as well.

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and this is for all the white people that think it’s okay to say nigga

How bout other Races, for example I’m 100 percent Latino. Can the word nigga come out of my mouth?

just dont fucking speak. why the fuck u wanna say it so bad like omg go away you annoyin my life

I’m 100% behind what he’s saying but what bothers me is how he says “you” and “me”. I’m sorry, but let’s talk about US for a second. You have never been and never will be a slave. I have never been nor would I ever want to be a slave owner. I think slavery is horrible… but I didn’t contribute to that. That’s so far in the past, I don’t even know anyone who can tell me what that era was like first-hand.

I don’t answer for what my “people” did because I have done absolutely nothing to sway their actions. Everything that may have happened, happened before my parents’ parents were alive. I don’t take credit for what white people did, like I don’t take credit for what humanity did. Or what geeks did. Or what furries did. I am responsible for my actions, and to some extent the ripple effect they create in the world. Nothing more.

So let’s step back from the “you” and “me” talk here. If you want to tell me black people suffer to this day from racial tension, if you want to tell me you’ve personally been hurt by racism, if you want to say I can’t say that word because it carries an extraordinary amount of weight behind it and, coming out of my mouth, it means something MUCH different than it does coming out of yours, by all means do so. Don’t put the weight of white history on my shoulders because those assbag slave owners happen to share my skin color.

NO, please. Just. Shut the fuck up. Like seriously. Every time I see you reblog a post about race or something you literally have nothing constructive to add about it. You’re just suffering from white guilt. I don’t care if you weren’t a slave owner. I bet pretty damn well someone down the line in your family is. There is a fucking ripple effect and don’t try to play some exclusionary bullshit. Fucking unfollow me I’m sick and tired of hearing the garbage antagonistic bullshit you shit out of your fucking mouth. There is a you and me, because you are fucking wrong and your mindset of white guilt and innocence is absolutely garbage. I don’t care if you did anything bad, nobody fucking cares about you specifically. YUou are a part of a system, just like how I am a part of a system. Nobody fucking cares if you didn’t do anything racist or not, do you want a fucking medal of honor? Like fuck off. No. Just fucking accept it, just deal with it dude. You have so much other shit to dig with and all you do is reblog my racial stuff and make it about you„ as if you’re trying to lift yourself from “the other white people” when you’re doing EXACTLY what other white people do

Accept what exactly? I want to treat individuals as individuals and get the same treatment back. I’m not blind to race and I’m not ignorant about what’s happened in the past and continues to happen today. But I’m just me. I believe I am defined by the things I do, and what I take part in. And I don’t take part in spreading unjust, blind hatred.

I don’t want you to recognize me for not being racist. I didn’t post this for you to see and go “wow what a great guy he must be”. I’m sure you’re tired of people assuming you are someone you’re not because of the color of your skin… ever stop to think that works when you flip it around too?

Dude, I reblog whatever comes along that I think I can add something to, or whatever I happen to find funny or interesting that I want to spread. I comment on the stuff you post because I find that it doesn’t always tell the whole story. Notice how I’m never attacking the message or even disagreeing with it. My entire post was about a use of words I disagree with, and I gave my reasons for why I felt that way. I didn’t dismiss the issue of racism today, nor the continued impact of slavery and anti-black sentiment in modern society. I made it a point to be clear about that.

I feel that you, on the other hand, have made a personal attack against me. You didn’t refute my points, you just exploded on me. Seriously, dude, I have no beef with you. I have no beef with anyone here. If you want me to stop, if you think I’m doing something wrong, approach me about it and tell me how you feel. Don’t antagonize me. Don’t make me an enemy. Don’t twist my words to mean something completely different.

That’s the thing. You’re tone policing and it’s absolutely garbage. There is no point in picking at a very valid message because it made you feel a bit guilty. “Don’t put the weight on my shoulders” You made this about yourself when this is about black kids like me having to deal with this kind of mindset. 

It doesn’t matter that you didn’t dismiss the issue of racism I’m not talking about ththat. It’s about how you completely managed to derail an important debate with your feelings of guilt. I have beef with you because of your way of thinking it isn’t a good mindset to constantly think things are about you and how you feel bad because of bad shit happened in the past. Like do you even understand how racism works? It is literally built on shit from the past and it isn’t going to magically vanish because white kids reclaimed the n word.

And if you want me to analyze then lets start with one thing that struck a fnerve with me “ I’m sure you’re tired of people assuming you are someone you’re not because of the color of your skin… ever stop to think that works when you flip it around too?” Because fuirst of how dare you? Like do you honestly think POC getting mad because people we have distrust in you because you manage to derail a post that means quite a lot to the youth. You compare getting scolded on the internet to the constant micro and macroaggressions put on you by society for so much as looking at them wrong.

Its never just going to be “we” its going to be you and me and there are sides to this shit as long as we live in this country because kids like me will never have the same lives as kids like you. They can get shot killed dead on the street by a white officer and they are the villains while a white boy can shoot up a school and become famous for it and develop a fanbase. 

Another quote from you “Don’t put the weight of white history on my shoulders because those assbag slave owners happen to share my skin color.” Okay if you want to not have your “assbag slave owners” on your back I want my slave family history gone. You can’t just have your side ignored while still having my side existing. That is the most absurd stance on racism you could take and tons of people like you are out there taking it. Unless black people are wiped of all slave records, all the history of racism is gone all our struggle blood tears and lost lives opportunities children, fathers, mothers, unborn are given back to us we won’t. You’re thinking is selfish. That’s what it is. Its selfish to want your “record wiped” because you you didn’t do anything. Do you think people like me did anything? Do you not think we want our “record wiped” and to not have the hundreds of years of racism set aside? The reason I’m mad is because you only talked about yourself on that issue and how you felt guilty about being white. This post was not about how guilty you feel about an issue. It is about how we will not forget what has happened to us, so why should we allow you to forget it?

Ok so… you’re saying it’s not okay to split off from the main discussion for a second to discuss the smaller points? Until the bigger problem is (magically, impossibly) fixed, we can’t talk about the little one(s)? I can’t divert onto a tangent to say I have a problem with a part of the message being said?

So suddenly I’m trying to erase slavery from history, trying to say we should all forget about it? Because it’s not my problem, it’s not worth discussing? No, that’s you putting words in my mouth, which I feel is the entire premise behind your objection so far. All I wanted was to branch this out to make a minor point about it, nothing more. My entire message was a fairly minor quibble as an aside to a clearly bigger and more important topic, but a quibble I felt needs addressing. Because nobody ever seems to address it.

I’m not trying to equate my “suffering” at the hands of “reverse racism” (or whatever it’s called) to what you face. I’m not trying to diminish that at all. I’m just saying don’t make your problems out to be a personal thing caused by me, simply because my skin color is the same as some slave owners 150 years ago. Essentially, you’re making an enemy out of someone who has the capacity and desire to see eye to eye with you, and help your cause.

I don’t know if my message just didn’t get across right or if I really only have been reblogging racial stuff from you, but I meant no disrespect. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit idly by and let you attack me based on false assumptions. If that’s how you want to conduct this, then consider this conversation over.

Does anyone find it wrong

… that I occasionally want to post serious stuff on here and try to legitimately contribute reasonable discussion to a serious topic? I know 95% of the junk I reblog is just frivolous crap, but that doesn’t mean I feel that way about everything that I reblog.

I really wish Tumblr wasn’t pretty much the worst site in the world to hold an actual discussion on. I have so many issues with this site, and the complete inability to even attempt to make a statement counter to what was posted or discussed already is one of my worst.




what? i don’t get it it’s just a video of RollerCoaster Tycoon why would—


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